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All rights reserved. Copirights © 2013 6249 Love Drive, Irving, Tx 75039 Tel: (414) 377-2111
Where are you located?
This is home made bakery located in Love Drive, Irving Tx 75039.
Where is Delivery Service available?
Within 15 miles from the above address which are in the following areas:
Plano, Irving , Frisco, Grapevine, Carrollton, Coppell, Dallas, Lewisville
How much does the Home Delivery Service cost?
The cost of our Home Delivery service is based on the products you order.
What kinds of baked goods do you sell?
Lots of red velvet cakes and cupcakes, chocolate cake, strawberry , cookies, fruit tarts and so much more!
We specialize in custom cakes and cookies for all your events.
What kind of ingredients do you use?
We do our best to order local ingredients whenever possible, such as using apples
or strawberry from farms or organic in the stories.We use high-quality natural ingredients
and everything in the bakery is made from scratch.
What is your allergy information?
We are not a nut-free bakery; all of our baked goods are prepared on premise.
Do you have anything that is wheat-free?
Do you have any vegan cakes?
Are any of your products sugar-free?
Are you certified kosher?
What languages can you speak?
English, Russian and Hebrew
How far in advance should I place my order?
Please place your orders 1-2 weeks in advance for a simple cake.
Due to the high volume of requests for our cakes, we must have a minimum of 2 weeks notice for any custom order.
At least 3-4 weeks is preferable, especially during our busy wedding seasons (May–June, September–October). For weddings,
you should plan to order your cake at least 1 months in advance. As a general rule, you can never order too early!
For holiday-specific items, refer to our seasonal menu for the order deadline.
But what if I need a cake tomorrow?
If you need a cake sooner please call and place an order over the phone to guarantee next day or same-day availability. We will always try to accommodate late orders when possible.
Can I put something on hold?
Yes, with advance payment.
How many people do your cakes feed?
Our portion sizes are large so each cake
may feed a few more people than is listed here.
6? – 6-8 servings
8? – 8-12 servings
10? – 12-18 servings
12? – 25-35 servings
(larger sizes are available)
Pies – 8-10 servings
I’m getting married/throwing a big party. Can I come in for a cake consultation?
Absolutely, please call (414) 377-2111 to make an appointment.
How should I store my cake?
Cakes iced in fondant or with fondant decorations should NOT be refrigerated!
Cakes iced in buttercream or ganache do not need refrigeration if they are to be served the same day;
otherwise, refrigerate and then serve at room temperature.
Cakes with cream cheese or whipping cream do  need refrigeration.
Can you write a message on my cake?
Yes, almost all of our cakes can be written on at no extra cost.
We use a sugar plaque upon which a message is piped.
We can also add an inscription using colorful fondant cut-out letters for $5.
I would like a cake with a picture on it. Can you do that?
Yes! Please contact Inna at 414 377-2111 for wholesale pricing and information.
Have a different question? Then don’t hesitate to call, email, or visit us!
The Original Millers Cupcakes®, created long time ago and far away from TX in 2006, is proud to serve this classic dessert tradition in artisanal gourmet style! These scrumptious gourmet treats are crafted from scratch in our bakeshops every day by our professional Pastry Chefs, using proprietary recipes created by Executive Creator  Miller Inna, using the very finest of real, wholesome, top quality, fresh ingredients. Since all cupcakes are not alike, make sure you are getting a Millers Cupcake original…a taste that is unlike all the rest.

Our Cheese cakes, Wedding Cakes, Custom Cakes, We can print Photos on the cakes, Millers Happy Birthday Cakes in Dallas are the best. 
Millers Dallas Bakery
Cream horn is a pastry made with puff pastry, and whipped cream or chocolate – buttercream.
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